Old school meets new school: Twitter in the arcades

by: Jeremy -
Sega is looking to blend the old with the new with their new version of Virtua Fighter 5. The company recently announced that the arcade version(s) of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown would allow players to link their game profiles to their registered Twitter account(s). The result will be Twitter announcements automatically published on your account regarding your in-game achievements.

It seems like a lot of games are starting to go this route; iPhone games in general have been doing this for a while, and Activision brought it to consoles with Blur. I definitely wasn’t expecting the feature to make its ways to the arcade(s) though. Then again, the arcade seen is a lot different in Japan than it is here in the state (unfortunately). The arcade industry is pretty much dead here and this feature will likely not be instituted in a large-scale manner here in the States. Perhaps some of the establishments like Dave and Busters will eventually use the technology, but it is probably a ways off.

In the mean time, check out some newly released screen shots of Sega’s upcoming fighter:

Source: Joystiq

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