Okamiden introduces you to the Thunders

by: Jeremy -
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Capcom’s Okamiden will finally launch next week. The title aims to bring the charm and excitement of the Okami series to what may be the best possible platform for it’s ingenious gameplay mechanics involving the Celestial Brush: the Nintendo DS. Capcom has spent the past few months introducing gamers to the new characters and personalities that will inhabit the Okamiden-world and will be doing so up until the launch of the game. The latest group of characters being shown off are the Thunders.

The Thunders will be introduced roughly half way through the game and will teach Kurow and Chibiterasu to harness the power of electricity. There are three members of the Thunders group: Thunder Lady, Thunder Girl, and Thunder Boy; they live amongst the clouds of a mountaintop and play music all day long which generates electricity within the clouds. Calling them a colorful bunch of characters is an understatement...

Do you plan on picking up Capcom’s new adventure next week? Let us know...

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