Official Statement from Sony on E3 2007

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Here's the official statement from Sony on E3 2007

"For the past 12 years, Sony Computer Entertainment has participated in the
Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) and has used it as an opportunity to
communicate to the industry and consumers our vision for gaming and
entertainment.  As an ESA member, we support the board's decision to pursue
other types of events that can better address the needs of our industry and
further its growth.

As of now, SCEA has made no announcements specific to its participation in
E3 2007."

I was hoping for something a little more committal to showing up next year but given how burned Sony was at E3 this year I can understand why they aren't committing to anything right now.  I can't imagine an E3 without Sony so hopefully we'll get more re-assuring news later this year.
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