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I know, I know... Bioshock Infinite is set in a completely different setting than the first two games, but”would you kindly” is just such a memorable story arc for me, I had to use it! Levine’s new vision for Bioshock is finally here and Luigi is trying to steal the spotlight from his chubby-brother. 
  • Army of Two: Devil’s Cartel: EA and Visceral Games’ coop shooter is back with the Devil’s Cartel. The new entry in the Army of Two series brings two new T.W.O. operatives into the limelight as Salem and Rios are out, and Alpha and Bravo are in. This time around, you are knee deep in the wars of the Mexican drug cartels. As with the other games, cooperation is the name of the game here and you really need to rely on your partner to survive. The new game utilizes the Frostbite2 engine which made its debut in Battlefield 2; in other words, it looks fantastic!
  • Luigi’s Mansion- Dark Moon: Nintendo is finally giving Luigi a little bit of the spotlight that Mario so constantly hogs in the sequel to one of the most under-appreciated games their archive:Luigi’s Mansion. Luigi is back on the ghost-hunting trail with the help of Professor E. Gadd. This time around you have more than one mansion to explore and exorcize, five actually, as you head out to stop the evil King Boo who is trying his best to destroy the Dark Moon (which is the key to pacifying ghosts). Nintendo is even including a multiplayer component this time around which allows players to explore a mansion online with friends. Who knows, maybe Luigi will become Nintendo’s new star!
  • Bioshock Infinite: After a delay and a lot of changes in the creative direction of the project, the next installment in the Bioshock franchise is finally here! Arguably one of the most influential franchises created in the past decade, Levine’s Bioshock has set the standard for morality-based story telling in in video games. The new installment is taking things back even further in time to the airborne city of Columbia around 1912 and will approach a political war between the nativist and elite factions of the population. Stuck in the middle of this war is and exceptional girl by the name of Elizabeth, who you are charged with rescuing. It will become clear that Elizabeth is key to both the political war and the world that engulfs it. Whereas the first two games were noted for their claustrophobic settings in the underwater city of Rapture, Columbia opens things up with the sky, literally, being the limit. 
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