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It took a few days, but the turkey-induced tryptophan comas are slowly subsiding. And here we are, blinking away the brightness of the lights, our fingers still clawing for some kind of grip on this thing we call "next gen." Not all of us purchased a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One (or Wii U, or PC upgrade), but those of us that didn't are making our lists and checking them twice, finding out which system will eventually garner our hard-earned scrilla.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey
I'll be finishing up my review for Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games. As much as I want to like the game, controls seem to plague a lot of the events. They range from incredibly simple to incredibly "Hey, I'm not going to properly register what you're doing." Kind of irritating. Beyond that I kind of went a little crazy during the recent Steam sale (I had to make up for not getting anything back in the summer) and will be working through the Borderlands 2 DLC. I picked up the Season Pass as well as the Headhunter packs. What better way to spend Thanksgiving than shooting down a giant mutated turkey? Of course with all the dying I was doing it kind of brings a new meaning to "turkey-induced coma."

Nathan Carter
This weekend I will be getting some more practice in with Killer Instinct. After trying out all of the characters, I think I am pretty comfortable with Sadira as my main. Double Helix has done an amazing job of bringing back the classic franchise and I cannot wait to see what more they have to offer as the game is updated over 2014. I will also try to save the world from the alien invasion once again in XCOM: Enemy Within. I am a little bummed that your save data won't carry over, but that's okay because this game has infinite replay value in my opinion. I played XCOM: Enemy Unknown at least 20 times before and never beat it but each playthrough was more fun than the last.

Sean Colleli
I'm getting back into Far Cry 3 and Blood Dragon simultaneously, having forgotten just how addictive it is to stealthily liberate outposts from pirates and/or neon cyber soldiers. I don't know how Ubisoft did it but both of those game have the ability to devour a few weeks of your life. I'll also be heading into Darkout, the new indie side-scrolling sci-fi adventure game that looks a lot like Super Metroid and Terraria had a baby. I can't wait.

Charles Husemann
*Looks at stack of games, weeps openly.* This weekend I'm hoping to wrap up Contrast and Killzone: Shadow Fall and check out some of the multiplayer portion of Ryse: Son of Rome. I have to admit, while the single-player campaign of Ryse was a bit repetitive in terms of gameplay it was still a ton of fun to play. Time permitting I'll be trying to get some Battlefield 4 in as well if DICE has fixed the game enough to make it playable.

Randy Kalista
Deadfall Adventures is a little bit Han Solo and a lot Indiana Jones, but comparing Deadfall's Alan Quatermain to either gives it too much credit. Regardless, I don't mind a bit of puzzle solving between Nazi platoon shootouts. Mixes up the pacing anyway. That and Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse are on the docket. Time to point-and-click my way through a stolen painting and a Devil's curse as I reread the book of Genesis in the Bible, brushing up on my Garden of Eden knowledge. I'm guessing it's relevant, since ol' Beelzebub is our titular Serpent.

Dan Keener
I have a pretty full slate of games and products to work through this weekend. In addition to some more time with the various platforms of Skylanders, I also will be working my way through Zoo Tycoon on the Xbox One and getting in my requisite Skyrim playing time. Also in the house are a couple of audio products, including a bluetooth system from Kicker and the Soundplatform from OSD Audio.

Matt Mirkovich
A majority of my weekend will be going to Ys: Memories of Celceta for my upcoming review. Early prognosis? It's pretty fantastic. Otherwise I'll be trying out Hero Mode in The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, which is so good that I'm not even upset that the limited edition 3DS went on sale for almost 80 dollars less than what I paid a week before. I've also been sitting on Batman: Arkham Origins from Gamefly that's been on my shelf wondering if it's ever going to see the insides of my Xbox 360. Same could be said of my PS3 and Disgaea D2.

John Yan
It's going to be a slow weekend for me, most likely. I'll probably spend my time working on more unlocks for my Battlefield 4 character, provided the game is stable enough. I've actually had good luck the past few days. I also started Far Cry 3 having picked that up during the Autumn Steam sale. Finally, I'll probably hop into a few quick sessions of Call of Duty: Ghosts when Battlefield 4 inevitably crashes on me.

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