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Some of us grabbed so many games off the Steam summer sale that we're paralyzed with options. Like Misery "I am your number one fan" levels of paralyzed. But, we hope you have the exact same good problem--minus the Stephen King part--even if you rustled up deals on other sites and other consoles.

What are you playing this weekend?

Russell Archey | staff writer | Twitter @neoscyther
This weekend I'll likely be trying to finish up Mega Man Unlimited. I have all eight main Robot Masters down, I just got done with Yoku Man (a secret 9th Robot Master), and I've already cleared two fortress stages. Thankfully, your save file will remember where in the fortress you are if you save between stages after a game over. After the insanity I've endured thus far, I'm pretty sure there's more twists up ahead. Beyond that I've been playing Urban Trial Freestyle on the 3DS in preparation of my review on that. Thankfully, it's a short game as I have two others to get done before my GenCon trip next month: BIT.TRIP FATE and Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Definitely looking forward to those two, especially Mario & Luigi as I've always enjoyed the series.

Sean Colleli | staff writer
I'll probably be revisiting my Steam library mainstays--Half-Life 2, Portal 2, Left 4 Dead, Killing Floor--in an effort to grab some of those new Steam cards. I'll also be tackling Pikmin 3 in preparation for my review.

Jeremy Duff | senior staff writer | Twitter @duff3c
This will be a busy gaming weekend for me. First off, I will have to continue to lay down an incredibly screwed up family lineage in Rogue Legacy, which could be my favorite game of 2013 thus far. That is, of course, in between breaks from Dragon's Crown on the PS3 and Vita.

Charles Husemann | editor-in-chief | Twitter @chusemann
This Sunday I'll be playing "WHY DID I EVER DECIDE TO RUN A SPRINT TRIATHLON" and "Why can't I feel my legs."  The rest of the weekend will be spent with MechWarrior Online and reminding former Gaming Nexus writer Ben Berry that I still own him in NHL 13.

Randy Kalista | staff writer | Twitter @randykalista
Welp, I ripped through Dinner Date in about 30 minutes, but I was really milking it. You could probably speed run that bad boy in half the time, if you were into speed running through a Brit's subconscious thoughts while waiting on an Asian woman to show up for wine and baguettes. Games. Also, I need to buy a mic for my live interview with Eve University in EVE Online. I think my application could be really strong this year.

Jeff Kintner | staff writer
I'm still trucking through my first playthrough of Borderlands 2. But when I'm not playing that, I'm playing Mega Man Ultimate, or as my roommates call it, "Watch Jeff Make Death Threats at His Computer."

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