Now Loading for the week of June 17, 2013: The Long, Hard Wait Edition

by: Jeremy -
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This is my least favorite day of the year: the first Monday after E3. Why? Because today is the day when we will all begin to realize that most of the excitement from last week is transforming into a long, unending wait to get your hands on all of those great games. Nearly all of those games and consoles are months away, leaving us with what seems like a never-ending Summer drought of games. Despite being a down week, that doesn’t mean you won;t find stuff to play this week. My picks for the week are:
  • Disney Epic Mickey 2: The now defunct Junction Point Studios’ adventure has finally made its way to a platform that can appreciate all that it has to offer. The Vita port of the under-appreciated game has been completely redone to take full advantage of all of the different control options offered by the system, including extensive use of the front touch screen. Hopefully this release will get a little more recognition than the console versions did.
  • Jak & Daxter Collection: Naughty Dog’s collection of PS2 J&D titles is making the move to the portable Vita this week. The collection features all of the same upgrades and enhancements that were given to the console-version (sans 3D support obviously). You can’t argue with a package of three classic games now in a smaller, more portable package.
  • Dungeons & Dragons- Chronicles of Mystara: The D&D games that Capcom produced in the arcades nearly 20 years ago are among the best to ever hit the beat’em up genre. Unfortunately, they never made their way to consoles outside of a Saturn release only in Japan... until now. Both classic titles have been given the full re-mastered treatment and bundled together. Don’t be deceived by the dated visuals of the game (although it does look better than the originals), this is some of the most addicting and deep experiences available in the genre and it can now be enjoyed online with your friends.
This week’s full lineup includes:

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