Not so fun times for Sony

by: John -
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Sony's trying, they really are. Two buts of news are coming out though that doesn't fall in their favor. First off, PlayStation 3 sales fell hard in Japan for the week ending in October 12. It's not just a one week slide as the numbers have been falling steadily for the console. Good news though is that the PSP sales were up but with the screen issue, we'll have to see if the sales of the hand held continues to be strong. On a more somber note, Sony has slashed earnings forecast by a whopping 57%.  Now this is for the whole company but there are some folks that believe Sony won't come close to the 2.04 billion they are expecting and perhaps should expect a 90% reduction. Perhaps it's time to rethink that decision about not cutting the price of the PS3. While you may lose money on sales of the console, more will be out there and you might have more sales in software especially with Chuck's current fad, LittleBigPlanet coming out sans offending lyrics.
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