Not so fast: SSF4 arcade does have new character slots

by: Jeremy -
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...and the rumors shall continue to swirl.

Last week, we reported a rumor and some speculation that the arcade version of Super Street Fighter IV would include additional characters not featured in the console version. It was debated, even in the comments of the article, as to rather the arcade flyer actually referred to new characters. Now that the actual machine has hit the arcades in Japan (test units mind you), it should be noted that the character select screen includes 2 blank character slots.

As you can see in the screenshot below (courtesy of Andriasang), there are two addition spots, one next to Juri and one next to Hakan. According to reports from those who have played the test units, players are unable to highlight either space and Capcom is not commenting at all. Hhhmmm.... sounds a little fishy to me. I just hope that Elena gets added if they are, in fact, adding characters to the game.

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