No Unreal Editor support in Bulletstorm, for now...

by: Jeremy -
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There is some bad news making the rounds of the internet this morning for those interested in the PC version of People Can Fly’s Bulletstorm: there won’t be editing support with the Unreal Editor. The bad news came in the form of a forum post on Epic’s website:

“In Bulletstorm, we would have had to make modifications to the Unreal Editor to account for the skillshot system. We spent years developing the skillshot system and carefully balancing weapons, and it was a resource matter - make an editor we can ship with the game or keep polishing Bulletstorm for release.”

Granted, this doesn’t really rule out the option of editor support in the future. It could come down the line but it isn’t officially supported at this time. This makes sense to me based on how integrated the skillshot system is in the game; I would imagine that there are a TON of variables that factor into the game’s engine to recognize and acknowledge the skillshots performed in the various environments. Then again, as over the top as the game is in its current form, I would love to see what crazy things people could come up with on their own.

Source: Gameguru Mania

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