Nintendo nabs Monster Hunter Tri distribution

by: Jeremy -
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The Monster Hunter series is big in Japan... huge as a matter of fact.  While the series has traditionally been a staple on the various PlayStation platforms, the jump that the latest version has made to the Nintendo Wii is both big news and a big deal.  Big enough of a deal in fact that Nintendo themselves have stepped in to take over the distribution rights of Monster Hunter Tri outside of Japan according to G4 TV.  Nintendo is banking hard on Monster Hunter Tri to bring gamers online with the Nintendo Wii.  Capcom released the game in Japan last year where it has sold in excess of a million copies; Nintendo is hoping that their marketing teams can make the same magic happen outside of Japan.  Nintendo is positioning Monster Hunter Tri as one of their key titles for 2010 and has partnered with Capcom to ensure the success of the title.  While Capcom will remain the publisher of the title that it developed, Nintendo will be assuming the roles associated with the sales, marketing, and distribution of the title in both Europe and Australia.  It is currently unknown as to whether Nintendo will handle the same responsibilities in terms of the stateside release of the game but it wouldn't be a far fetch to assume so.  While no solid release date is announced, the title is expected to launch in Europe, Australia, and the United States this Spring...

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