Nintendo media summit incoming

by: Sean Colleli -
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TheWiire is reporting that Nintendo will hold another Q1 Media Summit in San Francisco on February 24th. They do this about once a year, although the past couple times were to elaborate on products they showed at E3, or in the case of 2008, to make up for their rather light E3 showing that year.

I predict that we'll see more of Mario Galaxy 2 and hopefully Metroid Other M, with some focus on big, soon-to-be-released third party titles like Red Steel 2. Nintendo has done an about-face recently as the casual market is tapering off. They're focusing on third party games like Tatsunoku vs. Capcom, and I know they're really trying to get the Monster Hunter series to see some success in the states with the WIi exclusive Monster Hunter Tri.

It's nice to see Nintendo return to their roots, even if it is a little late, and for the first time really give some credit to third party publishers. I think Nintendo finally understands that they can't carry a console on their own and bigger third party success will mean more royalties for Nintendo's bottom line. Nintendo has an uncharacteristically huge year ahead of them and they need to start building hype now, but I think they'll be saving the big Zelda unveil for E3 in June.
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