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Nintendo has a historic batch of DLC this week, starting with Final Fantasy III for the SNES Virtual Console (it's really FF VI from the main chronology, yeah the 90s were weird like that). We also get Kirby's Dream Land for the 3DS virtual console. This game was Kirby's very first appearance, when he was designed as a kid-friendly platformer for the original Game Boy. Moto Xtreme rounds out the headliners, with The Lost Town - The Dust, Boardwalk Ball Toss, Hearts Spades Euchre and Big Town Shoot Out comprising the original content this week.
Wii Virtual Console
Final Fantasy III
Experience the fun of this extraordinary RPG franchise. Originally released as FINAL FANTASY III on the Super NES™ in North America, this game is in fact FINAL FANTASY VI from the main series chronology.
(For Wii™)

Moto eXtreme
Defy gravity, perform awesome stunts and navigate crazy courses. With intuitive controls and fun-packed game play, this is a ride you won't want to miss.
(For Nintendo 3DS™ /
Nintendo DSi™)

Nintendo eShop
Stratego: Next Edition
Dream Land™
Kirby's debut video game has been re-released for Nintendo 3DS. Someone has stolen the magical Twinkle Stars from the inhabitants of Dream Land. It's Kirby™ to the rescue.
(For Nintendo 3DS)

The Lost Town - The Dust (eShop)

lood, silence and fear soak this lost town. Can you make it through the night?

In the year 2037, a small remote town in the South American Andes is cut off from the outside world by a mudslide. After a full week of heavy rain, a power outage causes a massive explosion at a biochemical military facility located on the outskirts of the town.

A beautiful girl named Chilia with red hair and deep red eyes emerges from the darkness. Possessing incredible combat skills, you must use her abilities to find survivors before nightfall. Other objectives include setting traps, collecting items and using various weapons to defeat unknown creatures. The more you battle, the more skills you gain. The danger level increases at nighttime, so you will need the help of survivors in the camp to protect it for a course of seven days. While you wait for the rescue team to arrive, you must fight off vicious creatures that are starving for their next meal.

Boardwalk Ball Toss (DSiWare)

Experience the fun and excitement of playing your favorite carnival games at the Boardwalk.

Step right up and try your skill at one of your favorite boardwalk attractions. Boardwalk Ball Toss comes to you from SKYWORKS®, creators of quality sports and arcade games. It combines amazing graphics, realistic physics and great game play to recreate the action and ambience of a carnival booth on the boardwalk. In Quick Play mode, you get unlimited balls to knock down as many bottles as you can before time runs out – earn bonuses for knocking down a whole stack. In Progressive Play mode, you move through multiple levels that feature six-bottle stacks and special gold, bronze and other bonus bottles. Lastly, you can win prizes based on your score.

Hearts Spades Euchre (DSiWare)

Three card-game classics in one pack.

Hearts Spades Euchre offers some of the most popular card games in one collection.

You can modify the rules of each game and set the difficulty level of AI (from beginner to pro). Challenge your friends in a local multiplayer game – each copy of the game supports up to four players. Celebrate your victories and use the integrated speech and text chat functions. Funny graphics, varied textures and the ability to use your own photo make this a fabulous collection.

Big Town Shoot Out (WiiWare)

The ultimate cowboy gun game for 1-4 players.

Howdy, partner, and welcome to Big Town Shoot Out. If you’re a sharpshooter with an itchy trigger finger, you’ve come to the right place.

Big Town Shoot Out will take you through 40 increasingly challenging stages, across 10 zones and 10 different game types, all playable by up to four players simultaneously (additionally accessories required and are sold separately). Are you cowboy enough to make it through? As my old pa used to say, risk everything, fear nothing and have no regrets. It may not be the easy way, but it’s the cowboy way.

Game types include: Train Trouble, Saloon, Windmill, Ranch, Mine, Street Scene, Boot Hill Cemetery, Outlaw Camp, Western Diorama and Turning Cards.
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