Nintendo announces first annual loss in 30 years

by: Sean Colleli -
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Ouch! According to this article in Edge, Nintendo just announced their first annual loss, ringing in at a painful $530 million, since they entered the video game business 30 years ago. While the economy isn't as apocalyptic as it was a few years ago belts are still tight, and Nintendo definitely has their nose bloodied.

I'm willing to bet part of it is that the 3DS didn't launch with much compelling software. Nintendo is looking on the bright side though, and to be honest the 3DS has improved considerably and is even outpacing what the original DS's sales figures were at that early point in its lifespan. Nintendo hopes the slowly improving 3DS sales and the launch of the Wii U will turn their fortunes around later this year. Here's an idea, Nintendo: don't launch the Wii U unless you have a lot of good games to go with it!
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