Nintendo Network is back up and running, so buy some sale games

by: Sam -
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Nintendo's online services experienced some difficulties during the holidays, starting with a full system crash on December 25th. Likely due to the surge of new Wii U and 3DS owners logging in for the first time, the system totally went down and nobody could register. Not a great way to welcome all these new Nintendo fans. The service continued to have problems until today when Nintendo announced over Twitter that the Nintendo Network is up and running at full capacity once again. Hopefully now they can get the Pokemon Bank and Pokemon Transporter onto the eShop, since both were delayed as a result of the network issues. 

Despite the problems I was still able to get on the 3DS eShop last night to download Attack of the Friday Monsters: A Tokyo Tale, Crimson Shroud, and SteamWorld Dig, all of which are on sale for a few more days.


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