Nintendo Download: week of July 7

by: Sean Colleli -
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Happy Saturday, all, hope you had a good one. Nintendo has a new batch of digital fun for their various download platforms, as follows:

Just Jam--WiiWare--an original music game for the WiiWare service, this game takes a new approach to the music genre by letting you mix and synthesize your own tracks, or modify existing hits. You can even download new songs to your library.

Jewel Keepers: Easter Island--DSiWare--this is another jewel-matching puzzle game although it's mechanics look a little more complicated than Bejeweled. It also seems to have some kind of adventure story accompanying the puzzling.

Fortified Zone--eShop--this week's Game Boy Virtual Console game originally launched in 1991, and involves two spies infiltrating an enemy fortress.

Qix, Make up & Style, Roller Angels and Farm Frenzy also hit the various platforms this week. In my opinion this 3-way split between the archaic online systems of Wii, DSi and the new setup for the 3DS is too complicated. Nintendo should consolidate everything under the eShop and then distribute by platform, kind of how Wii's virtual console works now.
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