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by: Jeremy -
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Capcom of Japan has released a new trailer showing off some of the DLC chapters coming to Asura’s Wrath. The additional content that is coming for the game will expand on some of the events that happened during the retail game, exploring side stories and battles that we didn’t necessarily see in the main quest. The trailer lays out a release schedule for the Japanese version(s) of the DLC; let’s hope that the North American dates aren’t far off from those listed in the video.

The new chapters being offered will also utilize a variety of new visual styles, including full-fledged cel-chaded animation. We posted our review of the main game last week and honestly, I can’t wait to see and experience more of this story. Check it out below, but just make sure that you stick around until the end of the trailer to see a glimpse of the DLC we are all waiting for. Prepare to fight your rival!

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