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So yesterday my entire university got evacuated because there was a bomb threat. I'd like to take the this opportunity to say to all of you considering making such a threat...


To business!

2K has announced the release of their latest RTS, Stronghold Legends. Play as King Arthur, or Vlad the Impaler, or Siegfried of Germany. 3 campaigns, 26 missions.  Its now in stores and its 40 bucks.  Take Two says they're confident it will please fans. I am impressed by any company that makes the bold claim to be able to please inanimate objects.

A player on Team USA has won the title of World Cyber Games Grand Final Champion at the Xbox 360 version of Project Gotham Racing. The winner of this $15,000 honor was Wesley "TTR Ch0mpr" Cwilko of Camarillo, CA. He was also the sole medal winner for Team USA at this year's World Cyber Games. Not bad for a kid thats 17.

Acclaim is branching out with their payment options through their selection of internet ePayment company Click&Buy. Its sort of like Paypal, but Acclaim is using it a little differently. You can use your real money to buy Acclaim coins through Click&Buy, which can then be used on all Acclaim games including betas and MMOs. I'm not exactly clear as to whether the Acclaim coins are being used to pay for game subscriptions or if they're geared more towards use in microtransactions, or purchasing the game software, or something of that sort. However, I am rather amused to see a company like Acclaim offering their own legal "RMT" services. Good on ya, Acclaim!

Thats the news from Lake Wobegon. This is Lydia Graslie, reminding you to stay far, far away from all exploding things that are not digitally rendered. The power is yours!
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