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From the Atomic Gamer News Desk
  • Heroes of Might and Magic V is up to patch 1.02 for U.S. and international players.
  • Join the militant RTS action with the newest client for the Massive Assault Network 2 beta.
  • New trailers (in standard and high definition) for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.
  • If your spidey senses are tingling, web in these screenshots for the DS/GBA action game Spider Man: Battle for New York.
  • For network predators, this mirror gets you the Prey Windows Dedicated Server.
  • Paraworld's "Birth of a Dinosaur" movie is an eye-opening look at the 3D creation process.
From the Gamers Info News Desk
  • A preview of Paradox Interactive's upcoming PC title, Perimeter: Emperor's Testament.
  • And a preview of upcoming expansion for the MMO The Saga of Ryzom: Ryzom Ring.
  • Three Rings Design, developers of Yohoho! Puzzle Pirates, is holding a Design-an-Ad contest, with a top prize of $250.
And from other sites ...
  • has a preview of the 9Dragons clan, The Brotherhood of Thieves, with 11 screenshots to boot.
  • And they also have an editorial on "An Improved Faction System," something near and dear to every MMOists heart.
  • Ten Ton Hammer has an online Q&A with RF Online's Kyle Rowley.
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