News Roundup: Tony Warhawk's Downhill Jam

by: Randy -
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Demos, Screens
  • Check out the Wild Wild West 2v2 gunslingin' action in Ubisoft's Call of Juarez.
  • Some people don't see the attraction of half-man/half-spiders.  Maybe the Spider-Man 3 "Attract Mode" trailer will lure you in.
  • Are you an agent of Hell searching for human souls?  Then you'll find plenty to relate to in Infernal.
  • Are you a Vietnam veteran searching for your own soul?  Then you'll find plenty to relate to in The Hell in Vietnam.
  • Anno 1701 is settling the Nintendo DS.
  • Go ninja, go ninja, go!  Here's a new HD trailer for Tenchu Z.
Reviews, Previews, Articles
  • Eek.  A mouse.  The Sandio Game O' 6DOF mouse, to be exact.  Don't be afraid.
  • WarCry pounds out part 1 of a new Warhammer Online interview series.
  • Jake Neri is all about controlling his inner Beast Master -- check out the Star Wars Galaxies interview, and get a handle on the Beast Master trailer, too.
  • And those WarCriers also editorialize on the Age of Conan: "History Repeats Itself."
  • Legit Reviews covers the Age of DirectX 10 by covering the first MMO that'll release with DX10 technology:  Yep, Age of Conan.
  • Before you DS owners pick up Spectrobes, read this review from Killer Betties.
Thanks to Atomic Gamer, Killer Betties, WarCry, and Legit Reviews for this weekend's News Roundup.
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