Newly revealed God of War Ascension map will pit you against Polyphemus

by: Sean M -
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The team developing the next game in the God of War series has just revealed a new multiplayer map that will pit you not just against, opposing players, but against the son of Poseidon: the ogre Polyphemus.

In this new map, you will start as a pawn of the gods, with your character serving one of four gods: Zeus, Ares, Poseidon or Hades. Choosing which god to serve will affect your choice of weapons and armor. By defeating opponents and completing different tasks, you will gain favor with the gods and eventually become a Champion of the Gods.

Of course, while you are fighting and completing tasks to amuse the gods, you will get harassed and killed by Polyphemus, who is chained down just outside the map. The only way to defeat him is with the Spear of Olympus, which you attain by becoming a Champion of Olympus.  

However, it seems like God of War Ascension is going the way of most other major publishers by offering you the ability to use mythical warriors if you preorder the game. Called the The Mythological Heroes Multiplayer Pack, you can play as one of four mythical warriors: Achilles, Orion, Perseus and Odysseus. It is unclear if this pack will be available for those who do not preorder, but if it is there it will almost certainly be for a price. 

For more info on God of War Ascension, be sure to head over to their blog.


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