New releases, a new publisher, and a Codemasters sale on GOG

by: Chad -
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There is a lot of earth-quaking moving and shaking going on over at GOG.  Let's discuss:

First, Tuesday marked the availability of Still Life on the digital distribution service for $9.99.  It's an adventure game in which the player is trying to solve two murders, one of which was 75 years ago.  Still Life is part of a series that some on the site are saying is the best entry.  Do you agree?  Would you like to find out for yourself?  

A second release for this week happened yesterday.  Age of Wonders can be purchased DRM-free for $5.99.  It's a turn-based strategy game set in a fantasy world.  Age of Wonders is actually from Triumph Studios, the latest publisher to add titles to GOG.  Expect the rest of the trilogy on GOG in the near future.

Finally, a pack of seven Codemasters games is on sale for 60% off if you buy them all (or buy the ones you don't already own).  If you want to purchase them individually, you can still get a 50% discount.  The full list is: 1nsane, Cannon Fodder, I.G.I. 2: Covert Strike, Perimeter, Second Sight, Sensible Soccer 2006, and Soldiers: Heroes of World War II.  My pick of the bunch is definitely Second Sight - I really enjoyed the action and story of that game.  This sale is good through Sunday, September 19.

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