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Get it while it's hot.  Strategy First has their new vodcast up with ex-Red Sox pitcher Bill Lee.  Oh, and there's some news on their new games in there too.



Strategy First’s Vodcast Presents: Former Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos pitcher Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee, two top Strategy First titles

“Great Invasions” and “Making History: The Calm and the Storm,” and an original soundtrack by “Modeen.”


Montreal, Canada. April 26th, 2007. Software game publisher Strategy First, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR), presents a new Vodcast featuring Strategy First’s top two titles, an exclusive candid interview with Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee, and an original soundtrack by Modeen.


“This new episode features Part 1 of the Bill ‘Spaceman’ Lee interview. The former Red Sox and Expos pitcher tells Strategy First everything, from controversial topics, to his recent projects and travels. This first part of an ongoing interview doesn’t disappoint,” says Strategy First’s Business Development Manager, Emmanuel Wall.


Strategy First’s new vodcast features an interview with the former starting pitcher for the Boston Red Sox and Montreal Expos Bill Lee where he talks to Strategy First about his documentary ‘Spaceman: A Baseball Odyssey,’ and numerous other topics including Cuba, the 1975 World Series, the Hall of Fame, and candid thoughts of current and classic baseball personalities. The complete interview will be completed throughout a number of future vodcast’s.  This episode also features news on Strategy First’s top titles “Great Invasions” and Making History: The Calm and The Storm.”


You can view this months VodCast production at:

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