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The fine folks at Finely Crafted send word that they are shipping a new front end client for their online game Time of Defiance. The new client adds a new help system, interface tweaks, and tradtional RTS style engergy displays.
Cambridge, England, January 13th 2005 – Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games developer, Nicely Crafted Entertainment, has shipped the first new game client release of 2005 for their campaign-based MMO RTS, Time of Defiance.

The new player experience has been made clearer with the introduction of Bubble Help, allowing players to instantly find out about a building or vehicle without having to refer to the manual or quick start guide. Other updates have been made to the user interface and all units now have traditional RTS style energy displays.

"We've always been proud of the game-play that Time of Defiance offers, and now it really looks the part, too", said Toby Simpson, Managing Director at NiCE. "We've concentrated on the first hour of the experience, improving the user interface and instant help available for players. This, along with another huge visual release in a couple of week's time really makes a difference - for beginners and advanced players alike."

The new features in this release came about as a direct result of feedback from the thousands of new players that have come through the service in the last 2 weeks and from the community IRC developer chats which were held in December and January. Once again the Time of Defiance update server will be used for the delivery of the updates to the client to our existing community making it even easier for them to try out the new features in the game.

Time of Defiance is a unique campaign based MMO-RTS where players can actually win. The game combines the intrigue of playing with hundreds of others in a 3D universe with all the elements of a traditional real time strategy game in exciting 4 week space combat campaigns. Because your empire remains persistent through each game campaign you survive, treachery, propaganda, alliances, and trade are just as important in Time of Defiance as your fighting strategy.

Real time strategy gamers will enjoy the resource management, fleet and equipment building, space exploration, and of course, the ultimate battle for land and glory.

Time of Defiance is available for download with a free 8 day demo account at with monthly subscriptions for $9.99 per month.
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