New Super Street Fighter IV action shots

by: Tina -
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Super Street Fighter IV is slowly but surely approaching, and in the meantime Capcom is giving us a look at some action shots with previews of the new stages. Take a look below, and head to the Capcom-Unity post to check out the comments that go along with the screens.

As next year’s release of Super Street Fighter IV draws closer, we are revealing another bit of exciting news today over at SSFIV Special Advisor Seth Killian has a look at all the new stages in Super Street Fighter IV, including a boatload of new screens.

The follow-up to Metacritic’s second-highest-rated game of 2009, Super Street Fighter IV will hit the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in Spring 2010 with new characters, an enhanced Ultra combo system, beefed up online modes and … new stages.
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