New Ridge Racer Unbounded trailer still fails to give us gameplay

by: Jeremy -
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How many teaser trailer is Namco Bandai going to give us before they show us some real gameplay for the upcoming Ridge Racer Unbounded? I have always been a huge fan of the Ridge Racer series and am really interested in seeing what they do with the high-octane / crash-racing genre... so let’s get some details!

The latest trailer for the game, shown below, gives us more of the same pre-rendered footage shown previously. There are a couple of hints as to what to expect form the new game that can be derived from the footage though; I figure that there will be a lot of close-quarters racing on urban style courses. Destructive-racing seems to be the hot thing right now and that could be exactly what they are going for...

Namco has also note that they have hidden a message within the new trailer which gives the date of the next trailer release. Can you find it? I don’t see anything... then again, I have never been good at “hidden image” style games...

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