New Portal 2 trailer bounces into view

by: Jeremy -
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A new trailer for Valve’s upcoming Portal 2 has been released which sheds a little bit of light on some of the additional puzzle elements that will be included in the new game. The new game isn’t just about manipulating the portals, there are other Aperture Science projects that can and will need to be used, including the new “repulsion gel”.

The repulsion gel is exactly what it sounds like: a gel that you can bounce things, including yourself, off of within the environment. It appears as though the substance is leaking in certain areas of the Aperture environment and you will need to use the portal gun to distribute it to various places to serve your needs. This video highlights just one particular stage / puzzle in the game and I am not sure that I would have figured that out on my own... this game looks insane.

Portal 2 will hit the PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Mac OsX this April.

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