New Mass Effect 2 PDLC in the works for June

by: Tina -
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I’ve been keeping my eye out for more Mass Effect 2 DLC that doesn’t just offer a new playable character to run a loyalty mission with. The latest announced PDLC seems to fall into a bigger piece of the RPG/shooter sci-fi game. Overlord will take you across five new areas in the game, already proving that it will be bigger than the first PDLC released.

Shepard is called to investigate a Cerberus base that has become unresponsive. Arriving at the base, information reveals that an experimental fusion of a human subject to virtual intelligence has created a rogue hybrid VI Overlord that is now going on a destructive journey across the other Cerberus bases.

The press release insinuates that you have the option of attacking the Overlord or letting him continue on his rampage, all the while releasing Geth troops as he ravages the bases’ technology. If this sort of decision making is indeed an option in the upcoming PDLC, it could make for an interesting turn in the storyline regarding Cerberus who Shepard was never too happy to work beside.

The Overlord will be available in June for $7.

Destroy the overlord, or let havoc reign! BioWare is continuing its commitment to add new content to Mass Effect 2 with Overlord, a new premium downloadable content pack coming in June. Overlord adds five new areas and two new achievements to Mass Effect 2 and will be available for the Xbox 360® videogame and entertainment system at a cost of 560 Microsoft points and on PC for 560 BioWare points or $7.

In Overlord, players will take Commander Shepard and his crew to investigate a Cerberus research base that has mysteriously gone silent. They arrive to find that Geth troopers have overrun the base. The sole survivor paints a dire picture: an experiment to fuse a human volunteer with a virtual intelligence has created a dangerous hybrid VI Overlord. The rampaging VI Overlord has already attacked three other Cerberus bases, taking control of any technology it finds—and unleashing hostile Geth across the planet in the process. Unless Shepard can infiltrate the VI’s fortress and shut it down, this homicidal intelligence will beam itself off the planet and wreak havoc on other systems throughout the galaxy.
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