New DLC available for Strike Suit Zero, plus all Strike Suit content 50% off on Steam

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Born Ready Games has expanded the Strike Suit universe with new DLC content for their space action game Strike Suit Zero.  The new Heroes of the Fleet DLC will include five new missions to the game and is available now for $6.99, but that's not all.  Born Ready Games has also released a new Mod Tool that includes Steam Workshop support and can be downloaded for free for anyone who currently has Strike Suit Zero...but that's STILL not all.

What if you're reading this and thinking "well I don't have Strike Suit Zero so this doesn't apply to me"?  Well, this part will.  Until May 26th, all Strike Suit content on Steam will be 50% off.  You can also get a "mega bundle" that contains Strike Suit Infinity, Strike Suit Zero, the Heroes of the Fleet DLC, the Raptor Strike Suit, and the digital art book for only $19.99.  If you were to buy everything individually while it's on sale, that alone would get you the art book, so it's like buying the art book and the rest of the content is free...if you want to look at it that way.

‚ÄčBorn Ready Games expands the Strike Suit universe with new content
Heroes of the Fleet DLC and Mod Tool for Strike Suit Zero released
Guildford, 21st May 2013. Development studio Born Ready Games has released their Heroes of the Fleet DLC and Mod Tool, including Steam workshop support, for their space action game Strike Suit Zero.
The Heroes of the Fleet DLC, which brings five new missions to the original game is now available on Steam (RRP $6.99 / £4.99 / 5.99 €). The Mod Tool can be downloaded for free by anyone who already owns Strike Suit Zero. In addition, a Mega bundle containing both Strike Suit Zero and Strike Suit Infinity, the new Heroes of the Fleet DLC, the Raptor Strike Suit as well as the digital artbook is now available.
Until 26 May, all Strike Suit content can be purchased from Steam for a 50% discount.
James Brooksby, CEO at Born Ready Games said: “We know our fans have been patiently waiting for more content and that's why we're happy to provide this new challenge for them to take on. With the mod tool, we are excited to see what our community can create. We know how passionate they are and hope this will enable them to channel their passion and creativity into the game. We’re also busy working on Strike Suit Zero versions for Mac, Linux, and the Oculus Rift VR headset. An early Oculus version will be shown to public at the Geekopolis event in Paris next weekend.”
More details about the space action game Strike Suit Zero and the standalone score-chaser Strike Suit Infinity are available on the official websites www.strikesuitzero.com
For further information on Born Ready Games, please visit
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