Need a reason to revisit Half-life 2? Here's Cinematic Mod 10

by: Chad -
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Look, I know Half-life 2 came out in 2004.  However, since so many people consider it one of the best FPS games of all time I think any good news regarding the game is worth posting.  I was directed by a random forum post on a [H]ardware site I frequent to check out the Cinematic Mod for Half-life 2.  Have you heard of this?

The mod basically updates the entirety of the game to the graphical fidelity of Episode 2.  This means new particle effects, updated textures, dynamic lighting, higher resolution props, and more.  The screens below show the before and after of what has been done.  He's also changed the character models in-game, but you can leave those as-is by downloading the "light edition" of the mod.  

The results are impressive.  If you are forgetting why you loved Half-life 2, check out the trailer that was made using the mod.  It will certainly rekindle your old flame.  This will help me get my Half-life fix due to the lack of info from Valve and/or the Black Mesa project.  Read more or find download options for the mod here.  You'll need the Steam version of the game with Episodes 1 and 2, but those will most likely go on sale by the end of the year if you don't have them.

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