NVIDIA's new cards

by: John -
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Yes, these are a week or so old but I was in CES and didn't have time to post it and to be honest, I've been out of the NVIDIA loop for a while. But, I hope to rectify that and I had a great meeting with NVIDIA at CES. Anyways, two new cards came out in the past week as the GeForce GTX 285 and the GeForce GTX 295 hit the streets. The 285 is the single GPU solution containing 240 cores running at 648 MHz graphics clock and 1476 MHz processor clock. Memory runs at 1242 MHz and you can expect 1GB of DDR3 memory onboard.

For those that want the ultimate card, there's the 295 which is a dual GPU solution with a total of 480 cores (240 on each CPU) running at 576 MHz graphics clock and 1242 MHz processor clock. Memory runs at 999MHz and come with a total of 1792MB of GDDR3 memory. Interesting that they would clock the dual GPU card slower. But for NVIDIA fans, these are the best and the brightest right now. You'll definitely want one of these if you want to experience games in 3D.
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