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OK, so it took a while from the debut of the Tegra chip to really take off in the industry. Currently, it's one of the major chips you'll see in a tablet or mobile phone. For example, the ASUS Transformer I have uses the Tegra 2 chipset and recently released phones such as the Motorola Photon uses it as well. Some variations of the Samsung Galaxy SII also use the Tegra 2 chipset.

Speaking with reporters, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang expects a tenfold growth by 2015 in their mobile-chip revenue. That's some pretty lofty expectations.

Huang also said that they and Qualcomm are the only real serious providers of chips, which is about right. Most mobile products I've seen use either the Qualcomm or NVIDIA chip. It's too bad Samsung's Exynos chips aren't used in more products since that thing's a mobile beast. Texas Instrument's OMAP processors are also not bad as well.

Huang also thinks Android tablets will be half the market in four years, which right now is dominated by Apple's iPad. I can't say it won't happen, as you've seen the growth of Android phones when the iPhone was the dominant presence. It definitely won't be a webOS tablet, that's for sure.

I've heard rumors of NVIDIA's quad-core Tegra 3 chipset, or Kal-El (cue Donner's movie theme song) is coming out in a few months with the first product being the Transformer 2. We'll see if this comes to fruition, but you can bet I'll be in line for an upgrade if this does indeed be the case.

Even with some of the limitations of the Tegra 2 chipset (playing some 720P high profile and 1080p high profile video), I'm excited to see what the next one brings and hope that it fixes up a few of the issues I had with the previous tech. If so and they make some pretty affordable tablets, NVIDIA's prediction just might come to fruition.
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