NVIDIA says we need to simplify

by: John -
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For those purchasing hardware, you know how confusing it can be sometimes to know what video card is right for you. NVIDIA's looking to simplify this a little bit so they can be more consumer friendly. I think both AMD and NVIDIA need to take this initiative so as to not confuse people out there looking for new video cards for their system. I have an idea for NVIDIA. Stick with the GeForce name and keep your number scheme. It's at 9xxx series right now and I know that 9600 cards aren't going to perform as well as 9800 cards. That's not bad. Now get rid of the letters at the end signifying the line and just use normal words like Basic, Premium, and Hardcore. Or go the Stabucks route and use Tall, Grande, and Venti. Ok maybe not that but use simple words instead of cryptic letters to designate what type of audience your product is aimed at.
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