NVIDIA G80 specs revealed

by: John -
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The fine folks over at DailyTech got their hands on a sample of NVIDIA's next, the G80. For starters, the high end card's going to run at 575MHz with 768MB of memory running at 900MHz DDR. That's the GTX version. The GTS version of the GeForce 8800 will be running at 500MHz with 640MB of memory at the same 900MHz DDR. These are DirectX 10 cards so they'll be the first ones to get if you want a card that supports Microsoft's latest version. All cards will also be HDCP compliant. NVIDIA's will probably recommend an 800W power supply if you want to SLI these puppies as single cards are asking for 400W to 450W. Get ready to take out a second mortgage to pick one or two up.

Thanks Engadget!
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