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EA Sports announced that you'll be able to download a demo of NHL 09 this afternoon on the PlayStation Network.  The demo will allow you to play the Red Wings against the Penguins and test out the new Be a Pro mode.  Xbox 360 owners will get their chance at the demo in September.  NHL 09 has been the dominant franchise for the last two years and I'm interested to see how they've improved on the Pro-Stick controls this year.  I've never played the game on the PS3 so there's going to be a little learning cover I think.

Update: EA just sent word that the demo has been delayed and won't be out until "Late August".  Given that next week is the last week of August I'm guessing it's going to be next Thursday.

August 21, 2008 – Need your hockey fix? Experience the critically acclaimed EA SPORTS™ NHL franchise in a whole new way with the NHL 09™ demo that is now available on the PLAYSTATION® Network™- Xbox LIVE™ demo to follow in early September. Re-live the excitement of last season’s Stanley Cup Final between the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Detroit Red Wings by stepping into the skates of a top NHL star in the new Be A Pro mode. With a dynamic new camera that puts the focus on your player, Be A Pro is a whole new way to play the greatest game on ice.


The new Be A Pro career mode will put you in the skates of an up and coming superstar. Start in the AHL and work your way up to the NHL, with the ultimate goal of becoming an NHL legend. The new Performance Tracker will rate your play in over 60 categories so you will know exactly what parts of your game you need to improve. NHL 09 will also introduce the evolution of online team play - the EA SPORTS Hockley League. Take your created player online and join a team with friends, or scout for players. Featuring 6 vs. 6 online play and the ability to level up your player - you can become the first great name in videogame hockey.


 Building off seven ‘Sports Game of the Year Awards’ last year, NHL 09 provides gamers with an answer to the offensive innovation of years past with the introduction of Defensive Skill Stick. Players can now use an improved poke check, sweep their stick 360 degrees to block passing lanes, or lift an opponent’s stick when playing defense. Take a proven formula, sprinkle on some innovation, throw in a whole new way to play and see for yourself why every EA SPORTS gamer will love NHL 09.

NHL 09 ships to retailers on September 9 on Xbox 360® and the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system.

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