Mythbusters is sitting on a gold mine

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Who doesn’t like Mythbusters? Seriously... the adventures of Jamie and Adam never cease to amuse me. If you have never seen the Discovery Channel series, it is based around a group special effects experts testing the validity of various myths and rumors, with a scientific approach. According to a recent interview with the show’s Adam Savage, the crew is sitting on a ton of gaming-related myths and topics which could get covered soon:

“We have a couple of stories from video games that have been on the list for a long time. (One episode is tentatively named) ‘Nintendo vs. Pro’. The idea is of taking a kid who has just got his drivers license and training him on the Sears Point Raceway in a Formula 3 car and seeing if the training in the video game is good enough to make him able to compete in an actual [race] on that racetrack. There’s a lot of material there, at some point there will be a video game special.”

I can just envision the crew rigging up a Formula 3 car so that it can be driven and controlled using a modern gaming controller... that would just be awesome. Let’s just hope that this comes to fruition sooner than later.

Source: Kotaku
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