MvC3 rumor train starts churning once more

by: Jeremy -
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I don’t think that the rumors related to Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will ever end...

The rumor train is shifting into high gear this week as a “leaked” image appears to reveal the next to fighters jumping into the fray via DLC. As we showed you earlier today, both Jill Valentine and Shuma Gorath will join the cast next week, but Capcom hasn’t said anything about who or when is coming after that... but this image may shed some light on what’s in store down the road.

Granted, it would be noted that this image should be taken with a grain of salt... as it is very possible that this is a photoshop-job created by someone trying to stir up the masses on the internet. That being said, the image, shown below, depicts both Frank West and Strider Hiryu being used in the game. There is plenty of room for suspicion based on the image below. First and foremost, it is heavily cropped, eliminating any details of the rest of the screen and extremely blurry, making it easy to cover up any traces of photo editing.

Frank West was intended to be a part of the game from the start of production but was scrapped late in the games development cycle. It is not out of the question that the team went back and finished him for DLC release. The other question that comes to my mind in seeing this is who would be their respective counterparts on the Marvel side of things? Granted, this is an optimistic approach that assumes that the image is real, but Capcom has gone to great lengths to ensure that both sides of the fence remain even, which is ultimately why Jill Valentine was scrapped from the retail release. If this is real, then will should have at least four more characters coming down the road, including Frank and Strider, which is alright in my book...

Source: Destructoid

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