Multi-colored 3DS XL charging cradles coming to Club Nintendo rewards

by: Sam -
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If you find yourself with an excess of Club Nintendo coins this month Nintendo is coming to your rescue. For the price of 500 coins you can get yourself one of five exclusive multi-colored 3DS XL charging cradles. The cradle colors are Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, and White, and they will go on sale October 31st. While there is a Black XL Charging Cradle available for purchase on Nintendo's online store for $19.99, these colorful ones will only be available on Club Nintendo and they will almost certainly become a collector's item once they are sold out. 

I passed on the exclusive Gold Nunchuk awhile back and have been kicking myself ever since. They now sell on eBay for up to $100. I'm thinking the White cradle will look best with my Blue XL, what about you? Do you plan on picking up one of these exclusive cradles?


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