Mountain or Molehill: IGN journlist married to Nintendo PR rep

by: Chuck -
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VGM Watch has an story up about the marriage of IGN Nintendo staffer Matt Casamassina to Golin Harris PR person Edit Kissko (Golin Harris is Nintendo's PR company).  In the article he tries to generate a little controversy because the relationship isn't publicly disclosed anywhere and he feels like it's a serious conflict of interested for both Golin Harris and IGN.  Matt has already responded to the post through an e-mail to Joystiq stating that there is no conflict of interest because they can keep their personal and day jobs from mixing.

In the wake of the Gerstman situation and all the other crap that's gone down this year in the gaming press it's hard not to get at least a little riled up about this. But then you remember that this is something that's gone on in other sectors of the world for quite some time.  Alan Greenspan was married to Andrea Mitchell while he was still the running the Fed.   James Carville is one of the big strategist for the Democrats and he's married to Mary Matalin, a big gun with the Republican party.  Sure some more disclosure would have been nice but it's not like it was that big of a secret and it doesn't look like Matt has been sugar coating his reviews.  It's nice of the media to be vigilant about this stuff but I think we might be over reacting here.
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