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Klei Entertainment promised all of the tracks from the Shank soundtrack would be released.  They've come through with a total of six today with the rest to be released at a later date.  Click here to go to the download page.  Also, they reveaed today the first set of unlockable costumes to be worn in Shank.  The only way to earn these costumes is to satisfy different in-game requirements.  Klei Entertainment will be tweeting all of the details one day at a time so you'd best follow them now!

Shank is on a tear! By popular demand, Klei Entertainment, the independent developers behind the upcoming 2D action game Shank, have released six all-new tracks from the Shank soundtrack and revealed the first in a set of unlockable costumes for Shank on their official website:

The grand and dusty soundtrack by Vancouver musician Vince De Vera offers the perfect ambience to the intense and visceral action that Shank will unleash when the game arrives on PlayStation Network on August 24, and Xbox 360 on August 25.

With an aesthetic inspired by graphic novels and golden age comics, Shank is the answer to the question, “what would it happen if Quentin Tarantino abandoned cinema and instead, crafted intense 2D action games?”

In addition, the team has just revealed the first set of unlockable costumes, which can be earned by players by satisfying different in-game requirements. These costumes honor some of the team’s favorite action heroes, including a totally badass Yellow Jumpsuit Shank (aka Kung Fu Shank). Check out the official Klei Twitter account for pics and full details on all the unlockable costumes:

Let’s get the word out about this intense soundtrack and these awesome costumes! Let me know if you have any questions about this upcoming slicing and dicing action experience.
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