More Project Cafe (Wii 2) rumors

by: Sean Colleli -
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The rumors for Nintendo's next console just keep coming. Kotaku has the latest Project Cafe roundup from supposed inside sources, which elaborate on the console's technical specs. Supposedly it will have only 8GB of internal flash memory, but will be expandable through SD cards like the Wii. I'm actually kind of fine with this, as SD cards are a lot less cumbersome and not putting a 250GB hard drive inside will reduce both the size and the cost of the console. The game discs are purported to store up to 25GB of data, which makes me wonder if they're using some kind of Blue-ray format. It's also up in the air if the console will output in true1080p or just 1080i, which seems a little strange to me--why not just update to the latest standard and go from there?

Of course you should take all of this with a metric ton of salt. Hang in there Nintendo fans, E3 is only a few weeks away.
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