More Geohot/hacker community/Sony drama

by: Nathaniel -
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Well, it turns out the out-or-court settlement reached between Sony and George "GeoHot" Hotz yesterday is not the end of the story as the rest of the hacker community, or more specifically hacker activist group Anonymous, has decided that the settlement is NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL.

As reported on Gamespy today, Anon has pledged to not end it's hackerific attacks on Sony.  Meanwhile Geohot has pledged to never buy another Sony product ever (I'm sure Sony is relieved).

Apparently Anon's main hang up involved Sony forcing media sites to hand over IP addresses for anyone who viewed GeoHot's videos.

Well, even I think that is NOT COOL MAN, NOT COOL.  Of course, Sony would be lax if they didn't totally overreact to such a breech and try to sue/arrest/punch anyone even tangentially related to the release of the PS3 root keys that GeoHot perpetrated.

It seems like the prevailing wisdom is that Sony already caved once due to Anon, so maybe they will again and not harass people for simply viewing something on YouTube Sony doesn't like.
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