Monster Hunter Tri makes split screen gaming cool again…

by: Jeremy -
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 Capcom has revealed that their upcoming Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii will support local multiplayer gaming as well as online support. Split screen gaming isn’t a new invention, but it is new to the Monster Hunter series. The local multiplayer support will be available in the “Arena” mode of play which can be selected from the main menu.

In the Arena mode, players will be given a list of monsters from which they can select to hunt. Each monster has its own time limit and players will be given a predetermined set of equipment for the selected hunt, so you won’t need to gear up prior to playing. The game will also support a save function by utilizing the Wiimote’s internal memory, allowing you to copy your character to your controller and taking it over to a friend’s house to use. What didn’t they think of for this title?

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