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by: Jeremy -
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 We are within just a couple of months of Capcom's epic Monster Hunter Tri being released in North America.  The game is set to launch in April and will be a huge focus of both Nintendo and Capcom's marketing in the next couple of months.  This weekend, Capcom has released what they are referring to as a "cinematic" trailer for the game, showing just how epic the title is expected to be.  Everything witnessed in this trailer is taken from actual gameplay footage.., there are no pre-rendered / produced cut scenes here.  Watching the trailer below will give you an idea of some of the various locales and beasts that you will be facing on the Wii soon.  I am expecting a lot from this game and REALLY looking forward to the release.  If you have never played any of the Monster Hunter games previously, you should consider checking them out.  The games offer a great blend of action and strategy;  it isn't all hack and slash as it appears in most of the trailers.  If you do decide to try the game, take some advice and truly give it some time.  I had a hard time getting into the series myself and felt like I was torturing myself for the first hour or two of playing.  Once it clicked for me though, and I got into the groove of things... I couldn't put it down.
Another little note is that Gamestop is offering the first preorder bonus for Monster Hunter Tri, which adds up to a $10 discount.  Pre-ordering the game through either a Gamestop store or their website will net you $5 off of the retail price and 500 free Nintendo points for spending on the Nintendo Shop Channel.  
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