Midway Announces "Unreal" Pre-Sell Program

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If you've been wanting to get a taste of Unreal Championship 2 your time is now. Those who pre-order the game from select retailers (i.e. GameStop, EBGames) will receive an Xbox Live enabled demo disc for UC2. This will allow players to take their game online and sample the mayhem that awaits them when the game ships to stores on April 11.

Unreal Championship 2 is built from the ground up to take advantage of the Xbox's capabilities and hardware. Its core gameplay takes place online in intense 8-player matchups. A deep melee combat system also plays an integral role in the combat for when you want to get up close and personal with the enemy.

It should also be noted that those who pre-order will also receive 3 collector's trading cards. There are 12 total so collect them all!

Unreal Championship 2 Web Site Live at: www.unrealchampionship2.com

Midway today announced the official kick-off of the Unreal Championship®2: The Liandri Conflict pre-sell program at select retailers nationwide, along with news that the title’s official Web site, www.unrealchampionship2.com, is now live and ready for Unreal fans around the world to use as the official source for the latest and greatest news on Unreal Championship 2!

Through Midway’s Unreal Championship 2 pre-sell program, gamers can now pre-order their copy of Unreal Championship 2 and receive a FREE LIVE ENABLED UC2 DEMO DISC INSTANTLY. Also included in the pre-sell offer are three (3) character collector trading cards (*3 of 12…collect all 12)!

Midway also announced the unveiling of www.unrealchampionship2.com where everything that an Unreal fan could possibly want to know about Unreal Championship 2 is now available on one site! Character biographies, new screenshots and numerous gameplay trailers await and promise to appease even the most hardcore fans until Unreal Championship 2 ships to stores on April 11, 2005.

About Unreal Championship 2:
Unreal Championship 2 brings a whole new level of intensity to the series as gamers are blessed with superhuman agility that arms them for battle against deadly characters or readies them for hand-to-hand melee combat. Taking the battle online and around the world, Unreal Championship 2 pits players against each other in an eight-person Xbox Liveâ„¢ multi-player challenge where only the strong survive. Built from the ground up for the Xbox, Unreal Championship 2 features all new gameplay elements, including a deep melee combat system that seamlessly blends in with the ranged weapon combat the series is known for, a full story-driven single-player mode, dozens of all new maps, new game modes and an arsenal of new weaponry.

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