Microsoft scraps X07?

by: Chuck -
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It looks like Microsoft is killing their X07 event in Europe this year, at least according IGN.  During a podcast with SquadXP Aaron Greenberg, the group product manager for Xbox 360 and live, revealed that MS is going to have a "real X07" this year. 

These events have been going on since 2001 and it leaves MS in a bit of a lurch.  At E3 this year Microsoft did a great job of outling what we'll be playing for th rest of the year but they really didn't give any guidance for 2008.  Many people (myself included) thought that they might be saving the 2007 stuff for X07 but it looks like that's not going to be the case.  Sure they could make some announcements without a show but that hasn't been Microsoft's MO in the past. 

Thanks to IGN for the details.
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