Microsoft alters the XBLA policy yet again

by: Jeremy -
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Microsoft just can’t seem to stick to their guns when it comes to their beloved Xbox Live Arcade. How many times have we seen the size limit of the games increased? Does anyone remember when the service first launched and games were’t permitted to be more than 50MB; now the limit is something like 2GB. That is quite a big difference! Well, Microsoft has officially changed another aspect about the policy, although this one is actually a really (REALLY) good one.

Beginning in April 2012, XBLA games may now contain up to 400 Gamerscore points and 30 Achievements. Once April 2012 rolls around, this new benchmark will be required of all games on the service. This won’t be a retroactive change but will affect any and all XBLA releases going forward.

I always thought that the 200 point requirement was a little limited, especially considering how massive these games have become. That won’t be an issue any more come next month... 

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