Memorial app lets you honor your fallen XCOM: Enemy Unknown soldiers

by: Nathan -
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One of the coolest and saddest aspects of XCOM: Enemy Unknown is that your soldiers, that fight with you every mission can die. Now I know that dying in a videogame isn't exactly a new concept but in XCOM you are in charge of an entire squad and if one of them dies, you have to hire new soldiers to take their place. XCOM also features an in game memorial wall which depressingly gets larger and larger as the game goes on. 

The team at 2K Games however have devised a way that you can now honor your fallen soldiers with the XCOM: Enemy Unknown Facebook Memorial Wall. The app will allow players to share the names and details of their fallen soldiers along with a brief eulogy for others to read. Your operative will be placed on the wall along side other fallen soldiers from other players. 

A very cool app in my opinion though it would be nice if we could see the faces of the soldiers that have passed on fighting for our freedom. 

You can check out the app at the following link

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