Meet the first new, new mutant from X-Men Destiny

by: Chuck -
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The pictures below are of Aimi Yoshida, a young girl who was smuggled into San Francisco by her parents.  She likes ice cream, anime, and destroying things with her mutant powers...seems like John's kind of gals if he wasn't married.

Aimi is the first new mutant (no, not those New Mutants) for X-Men Destiny, the new X-men game in development by Silicon Knights for Activision.  It looks like we'll be controlling new characters to the canon instead of the usual roster of X-Men which means no more fighting over Wolverine and hoping that you don't get stuck with Cyclops.  I'm kind of interested to see where this goes as the game does look fairly solid and all of the previous Activision X-men games were solid (but then again they were made by Raven).

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