Meet the cast of Demon Gaze

by: Randy -
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Demon Gaze is a role-playing game for fans of 3D dungeon delving and high-definition 2D Japanese character art. You play as Oz. You'll run amok against monsters, and run into an eclectic cast of characters back at the Dragon Princess Inn. There's the androgenous one, the boy that's a man one, the fawning schoolgirl one, and the oversexed buxom one, etc., etc.

Just kidding. Those are only stereotypes, but these screenshots alone aren't doing anything to shake up those standardized JRPG archetypes. Oh well. We love our western RPG stereotypes, too.

Lezerem can't keep his clothes on when he's drunk. Kukure is picky about women's backsides. Fran is the tightwad manager of the inn. Lancelorna is "mysterious" and looks after Oz, the main character. Prometh is also described as "mysterious," but more in a mortician-with-a-basement-full-of-skulls way.

Demon Gaze is scheduled for an April 22 launch on the PS Vita.

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